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    If you have a general question, here's a little 'Q & A' that might help you out! If you still need some help, just gimme a shout.

    Q: Do you accept freelance work?

    A: Between my shop, my design work and my family, I'm pretty swamped. I'll have to respectfully decline any personal lettering/design projects for the time being. If you're interested in a large-scale editorial project, please contact me for pricing, details and a general timeline.

    Q: Can I use your work for a Commercial Project?

    A: I follow the Standard (and Extended) Licensing Guidelines on Creative Market.
    I also have my own EULA for bulk font purchases and Server Licensing. Please give me a shout if you need a copy or have a detailed question.

    Q: What pens do you use and do you have tutorials?

    A: I use everything from Pitt Artist Pens, to Tombows, to Pentel Aquash Brushes. I also use custom brushes on the iPad Pro, and good 'ol pen and ink. Currently, I don't have any tutorials, but you can download a free Brush Lettering Practice Guide from my Blog page.

    Q: Do you teach any lettering classes?

    A: Not at this time, but I'm certainly mulling it over. If I decided to branch into teaching, you guys will be the first to know. :)